Planning Unit

Vision :-

Our Vision is to manage resources maximally for the provision of optimum Service to the People in the District and to achive the good of berg there by  in order that Hambantota District to Become the most developed District in the Country.

Mission :-

Provision of a maximum contribution for  a sustainable development by fulfilling planning, conducting, evaluating progress review and coordination efficiently so that government policies and programs can be carried out efficiently and productively in order that people in the district contribute National development.

Major Activities

  • Holding and operating and operating the district coordination committee, the district agriculture committee and main meeting regard with the other development activities.
  • Operating monitoring all the development activities in the District.
  • Coordinating and conducting the development activities of the institute relevant to the Line ministries in the District.
  • Coordinating the special development projects implemented in the district.
  • Administrative and institutional activities of the officers who have attached to the District planning division.
  • Preparing District investment plan.