Celebrate the World Children's Day - 2021

A program to celebrate World Children's Day today at Magam Ruhunupura Administrative Complex, Hambantota District Secretary H. P. It was held on 2021.10.01 in the morning under the patronage of Mr. Sumanasekara.

The commemoration program was held under the theme ′′ Children before anything ′′ and was organized by the Child Rights Promotion Officer of the District Secretariat. According to the health guidelines, a limited number of children in the children's societies were participated.

In conjunction with the programme ′′ Building a righteous country with no fire-with no womb the transplant jackfruit plants were also planted in the administration complex under the Rukrapana program. Also, those children were given jackfruit plants to plant in their homes, and there is a work order to protect them till 2024 Under A they have been given a tree growing card and also a monitoring method.

Additional District Secretary J for this occasion. H. S. Jayamaha, Additional District (Land) Secretary K. P. G. Sumith Shantha, Assistant District Secretary K. Chandima Niroshani, Administrative Officer W. W. A. Wee. A group including the gentlemen who are going to Niroshan gathered.

(District Media Unit - Hambantota - H. B. Janaka Prasad)

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